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Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake

The Guadalupe River is one the most stunning and versatile rivers in all of Texas!  The river is formed by two main tributaries that are considered the North & South Forks of the Guadalupe.  The confluence of the two Forks take place in Kerrville Tx, where it starts out as a small stream quietly making it's way through our beautiful Texas hill country.  It flows nearly 230 miles South, & drains into the Gulf of Mexico through San Antonio Bay.  Along this journey, the Guadalupe river will encounter several damns creating unique fishing opportunities for anglers of every style.  One of which creates the Southern most trout fishing stream in North America!  That is correct !  Canyon Lake damn located just outside of New Braunfels Tx, provides water cold enough to sustain Trophy Rainbow Trout year round.  Although our trout do holdover, we try to target them during the cooler months. ( Oct-May)   From June through September, we will be throwing Hairbugs & Streamers for native Guadalupe bass, Largemouth, Gar, & Carp.



san marcos.png
San Marcos

San Marcos River

The San Marcos River AKA our Texas Jungle, surrounds you with lush vibrant riverbanks thriving with  native wildlife.  It is a great river for targeting various species of bass & panfish throughout the spring, summer, & fall months.   Beginning in San Marcos Tx, the river is formed by a series of freshwater springs emerging up from the Edwards Aquifer, immediately creating a unique ecosystem that provides habitat for several endangered species & more.  This protected area known as Aquarena Springs can only be accessed with glass bottom boats provided by The Meadows Center for research. 

As the river flows, it opens up to the public for recreation & exploration!   From there it flows 75 miles south converging with the Blanco river along the way and eventually drains into the Guadalupe river.  


Jurassic Park

"Jurassic Park​" came to be from google maps & a willingness to explore.  We named it Jurassic Park because of the feeling you get floating through this distant section of quiet river.  If the feeling does not hold up to the name, the fishing & wildlife certainly will !   On this stretch of water you can expect to tango with 4' plus Longnose gar, Largemouth, Spotted bass, & native Smallmouth Buffalo all on the fly!  Fishing this river is dependent on conditions through the spring, summer, & fall.


Jurassic Park

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